Here is a short selection of documents that will allow you to have a global view of mind control.

First document to read! Many other documents refer to Dr Delgado's work. This is a kind of "science to the large public publication", so it is sometimes hard to understand without some knowledge of biology and physics. Anyway, information included, provided directly at the source, is fundamental. The subject of electrical stimulation of the brain is deeply explained, and it does also raise ethical issues.

A global explanation of mind control in the context of war and cold war. One of the first large view explanation of the subject by a recognized specialist.

This one of many similar declassified documents from the U.S. Department Of Defense does prove that MK ULTRA was a reality and not a rumour created by conspirationists. It gives some details about mind control programs that were run from the 1950's to the 1970's.

An unequalled compilation of targeted individuals testimonies. This more than a thousands testimonies takes time to read but is full of information and it allows to make ones own opinion about targeted individuals and to understand that many of them share a common profile and background. It also shows that people are targeted all around the world.

This video document was selected because it was produced by CNN during the cold war times. So it should get more attention from the sceptics.Watch parts 1 and 2.

This documents explains the basic mechanism over which criminal gangs are run.

This website does provide large amounts of information to targeted individuals.

A dictionary of very sophisticated psychological methods used to influence a person. This is very technical and hard to read, as is the subject, but it does provide some insights into up to date methods of manipulation.

This is a book that was published during the XIX century! So you will maybe think it is off-topic! Well, if I tell you that the authors of this specific book, members of their "Society for Psychical Research", invented the word "telepathy"…

If you were searching for the reason why people are targeted you may find some clues in this e-book. It appears humanity is forced into a new step of evolution. One that is engineered by man and that is not the result of natural evolution.
Mind control information: where to start?
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