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Ideology of having total control over man is thoughts, speech and behaviour. Coercion of man is a very old basic principle of societies, but mind control goes further, with the objective of taking control over one person against his own will, or without him being conscious of it, using the most advanced technologies.

Secret researches like those of MK ULTRA mind control, have explored a very wide panel of psychological, psychiatric, drug or electromagnetic means of mind control. Nowadays, some of these technologies can literally drive the brain of the targeted individual.

This secret US pool of researches on mind control is the most well known. It was exposed during the 1970 by a US senate investigation, after it had led to the death of some US agents. Hundreds of methods have been tested. Many of them were oriented toward using LSD as a truth serum or a way to hypnotize someone to make him a programmed assassin.

CIA has been engaged in systematic researches on the matter but many clues are showing that this kind of researches have been led in many countries around the world, and even before WWII.

The principle of mind control is in itself an old one, particularly in Asian countries where they used to enslave opponents and make them willingly collaborate. Some historians consider that MK ULTRA was launched after American troops were subjected to this during the Korean War.

Mind control can be achieved simply by psychological means. Some are very old, for example consisting in systematically breaking the personality through verbal and physical violence. This leads to a split into multiple personalities, for example one being a spy and the other being a counter intelligence agent. Progress of science has now led to very subtle methods allowing to drive somebody’s behaviour without any counter-action of him. Visual and audio propaganda is one of those means and Hollywood productions, tv and radio channels all around the world are used only for conditioning all the population all the time.

Psychiatric researches were not so long ago, and maybe are still, very basic. With the objective of understanding which "part" of the brain is the site of a human function, researchers started cutting parts of the brain. Finally they found that removing some parts or some connections were "pacifying" some mad people and these operations were codified and regularly done during the 1980's.

The same kinds of effect were achieved by partial destruction of the neurons through application of electroshocks or the use of drugs. Nowadays many drugs openly treat patients by changing their neuronal biochemistry, maybe on a long term or forever. It was also documented that fluoride was added to tap water, with known psychiatric effects.

Same kind of researches resulted in implanting electrical stimulators into the brain. One useful application of it was that thousands of deaf people were able to recover partly from deaf. Finally implants have become so tiny and electrical interaction with the brain very well known. It seems that nowadays some TIs are implanted without their consent with microscopic implants that can be used as a remote neural monitoring device and can also act upon their neurological processes.

It has been long observed that application of electricity to the human body does provoke a neurological response. Since the XIX century researched have much progress. Particularly, during the 1940's the interaction of the brain with electromagnetic fields led to the invention of MRI. MRI and EEG (1920's) are the basic technologies that have lead to nowadays wide choice of medical "no touch" diagnostic devices.

Those researches also lead to the elaboration of devices that are not only used to monitor the brain, but that do influence the neurological functioning of the brain. The LIDA machine is a 1960’s example of these. These devices can be passive, and for example, read the mind of somebody. Others can be active and influence the brain of somebody and even induce the perception of sensations, audio and visual stimuli. They can also be used as a non-lethal weapon that can knock somebody’s conscious down or incapacitate him and also can be built as a deathly weapon.

Some categories of secret weapons have been clearly identified: chemical, biological and EM weapons. But creativity has no limits and many kind of weapons can be architectured.

Drugs have been widely used, and many people feared administration of GHB in public places at a time. Also many drugs can be intentionally tampered with more dangerous compounds. Many TIs are reporting about Morgellons disease. Many TIs are reporting being targeted with laser beams that burns their skin. Many complain of skin rashes provoked by microwaves radiations. Many complain of mind reading sometimes followed by verbal harassment, voice to skull and painful radiations directly to their brain.

If medical EEG needs a direct contact of probe to the brain skin for the acquisition of electrical signals, some technologies can now measure minutes electromagnetic signals emanating from a brain at a distance. Remote neural monitoring can catch heartbeats or any kind of signal running through the nerves and so it can globally monitor the functioning of the body and cans also monitor brain's activity. Coupled with a signal shape "dictionary" these signals can be decoded into perceptions, thoughts and actions. IT can also be faster to elaborate a response than the brain itself, and so, an artificial intelligence system can act before man himself. Technologies based on this concept, that increase human capacities are developed and even commercialised nowadays.

It is officially recognized that spy satellites are utilized to catch phone signals emanating at the ground level. There is no big fundamental difference between phone signal and brain signal and it is very probable that some satellites are used to monitor people's brain. Either it be using satellites or ground bases antennas, many patents have been registered to protect technologies that can pick brain electrical signals at a distance. It usually uses two microwaves sources that interfere with brain signals in order to decode minute signals out of EM noise, it is a kind of holographic acquisition.

A person subjected to regular harassment. Cointelpro was a kind of systematic harassment organized by US authorities. Also, former "Eastern Bloc" countries secret polices mastered these techniques. East Germany’s STASI was well known for it. Harassment can simply be run by any bunch of motivated people.

Harassment can be verbal, physical or by the use of secret weapons. TI’s premises are sometimes "visited", probably bugged, some TIs complain of food tampering or poisoning. Their social reputation is turned into a very bad one. They usually loose their family and friend ties and their job. They can suffer from physical injuries that are hard to explain. Through direct neural monitoring, their thoughts are sometimes read and broadcasted. Some suffer from voice projection in their head (voice to skull). They may be under hypnosis and also their behaviour may be directly driven by electromagnetic waves.

Targeted individual are usually harassed by "gang stalkers": members of a criminal gang.

The process of using members of a criminal gang to harass a person, sometimes to death. Gang stalkers can be stalked and some targeted individuals recognized that they have been stalkers before being TI. Gang stalking can make use of secret weapons.

Criminal organization, running all kind of business officially forbidden by the law. These criminal gangs are themselves under control from freemason organizations like the mafia and used by secret services. It is very possible that some groups are in reality 100% secret services members, or people under their influence like ex-military personnel, running covert operations for the government.

One example of the close association of mafia and secret services was exposed during MKULTRA revelations. Secret services were using brothels to secretly administer LSD to clients and observe their reaction. Sexual behaviour was also systematically observed with the objective of knowing how to get control over an individual or simply to frame him and force him to collaborate and join a gang.

Members of the gang may be unaware of the secret technologies used. Feeble-minded personnel may believe in "spiritual powers", "special powers", that could be granted to them, and allow them, for example, to mentally remote-kill. Occult skills and secret technologies could then be called "magic" or "sorcery". It certainly would involve witches, "black cats" and "princes of darkness". This may be organized through a satanic cult. It is documented that army personnel, on army base sites, were sometimes involved into this.

Deception is the key. Many TI’s do testify about deception. They hear people that they cannot see, they don’t know if voices are real, faked, synthetic. They don’t know if they are physically hill because they ingested something or because they were irradiated with certain kind of waves, or simply psychologically suggested into illness.

They may suffer from "gaslighting", when they don’t know exactly if things are happening or not. Deception has the advantage that a TI may react badly. It can put him to a fault, which would be officially sanctioned by the police. He could be mistaken into defending himself against an innocent person. That would be 100% benefit to the stalkers.

Stalkers may be gradually initiated into more and more sophisticated and subtle magic skills. This initiation can also be totally integrated into a satanic cult.

Satanic cults are very old and hardly apprehended. After all, nowadays many people happily participate in “Halloween”. Many examples of satanic cults have connections to spy agencies. Some lead to the collective suicide of members. Some high-ranking people, for example army officers, were allegedly organizing satanic cults. These cults usually are used to motivate gangsters to run dark program operations, with the objective, for example to overthrow one government.
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